The Swiss "Appenzeller" Dog collar

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This is the picture of a truly Handsome dog

  This gorgeous dog is a rescue,


Handsome teddy with his new collar  , the apple in alex's eyes

Spode !!!  does she not  look  Royal !!

Swissy Bear is another Happy compatriot

Look at "Brian" from Manchester England


We have  been filmed for the Autogas LPG website as a real life case study of someone who drives an LPG car, Brian had a starring role jumping in and out of the boot of the car,

Marnay's Miss MadCap About Town aka Maddie say's it all




Lewis is a proud friend from Bicester, Oxfordshire


I am Jessica, an English bulldog living in Athens


This is Murray, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  Six months old and 77 pounds

I am Louis the Poodle, happy to be in Philadelphia,

This handsome pair are waiting for their new collars


this grace, she lives   in the west midland, England she is famous for taking a swim

this is her present collar    you will see her with the new one   here it is, the flying waterdog in her new collar


This is Arlo, he is  now living in Newburyport, MA. And is well-known here! but is a former resident of Tennessee.

That is a first ! Reto an entlebucher from milan          in front of the kremlin!

Christine's lovely dog with its appenzeller collar         from Virginia


A gorgeous Bulldog from France. Her name is  Nobozz Crouching Tiger (aka Kiera) a future Champion!!

Her Appenzeller gear is on the way

You may shop in France at this website


Jasper from NSW Australia, all-way's making his owner very happy

Milo, an Entlebucher  from Marblehead, MA,  I suppose he is thinking about the swiss alps!


Dieser hund von B.C. Canada ist richtig zuhause hier.

This is kelly   ( from Milan italy ) , she is as charming as her owner

Kelly and her new collar will be added soon

turner the Tibetan terrier at the Lincoln center With his famous Artist owner Claire khalil

You may see her famous paintings at ;

  Malfachy a wonderful dog from Somerset, England  sporting his new collar

Here's a photo of Chelsea (9 months) sporting her new collar she is going to be one big Berner

Sunny found himself a great home and a nice collar




A really nice Bernese mountain dog from Australia owned by mr & Mrs Reichelt

 Jacqueline's gorgeous Big Pup wearing the new collar and leash


David's wonderful Labrador wearing his new collar

soni and waynes berners,  displaying our collars


David's wonderful Labrador wearing our collar!


Jeane's Swiss/canadian entlebucher

Ron & Judi's dog Gus from Oregon, wearing one of our collars







The appenzeller mountain dog

These two gorgeous dogs belong to: Anna Burns of the Appenzell mountain dog club of America


John Sonego's new berner has a new collar


Karens dog lilly  could not wait until Christmas, she is just delightful


This lovely dog belongs to Dominic B. of Canada and proudly wears one of our collars


Darek our Client from Finland, and We are so proud of  Marjatta's Dog

matterhorngsmd kennels Buddy

A NY Terrier

Who is really loved by his owner


Another wonderful dog with our  collar                             ..Logan is primarily Pitbull with a bit of Dane for height and elegance.                                   

Kim's Pyrenean Mountain Dog will enjoy his new collar soon

Buster a Dachshund owned by a dear client in Maine



Gracie is one wonderful Bernese she lives in Colorado  and is expecting a litter around memorial day 2012

She wears of course our Appenzeller collar

You may get book "Water a natural history" at  It was written by Gracie's owner

Zoe the Berner belongs to Karina from Canada Another lovable Swiss national

I am happy to present ralph, I am sure he is the pride of anna