The Swiss "Appenzeller" Dog collar

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Information on our dog collar sizes.

Our artisan collars come in the following length

14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" and longer by special request

That is the length of the collar, please remember that the collar has

 4-5 holes depending on the size. The holes are one inch apart.

All measurements are end to end

For example a 20" collar is best for a dog with a 15 - 17" neck !

A 14" collar is best for a 11 - 12" neck

A 16" collar is best for a 12 - 23" neck

A 18" collar is best for a 14-15 neck

A22" collar is best for a 16-18" neck

A24" collar is best for a 19-21" neck

We would be happy to take orders and make the size for the neck of your dog


For color choices

Red and black and natural Leather,     




Red and black are the most popular colors           







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